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Going straight? [May. 12th, 2009|12:46 am]
The Queer by Choice Community


Hey guys, me again--I got great answers for my last question, but now I have another one. Some people say that it isn't possible to choose to go straight again: Why not? What makes that different?

And for fun, a hypothetical situation that goes with my question: Let's say there's a community where homosexuality is the norm. Would it be possible for some people to chose to be heterosexual, then? And if so, would they be able to go back to being gay?

And how many of you think that choosing heterosexuality is a boring choice? If so, is that compared to homosexuality, or just queerness in general?

Just wondering! Thanks so much for your time and patience. =D

[User Picture]From: nodesignation
2009-05-12 07:56 am (UTC)
When people talk about choosing to be straight, usually that's about ex-gay folks, who usually aren't interested in romantic/sexual attraction to folks of the opposite sex as much as they are interested in the approval and privileges that come with being seen as straight. So in those circumstances, it doesn't seem like an attempt that is likely to suceed.

Additionally, I think that choice can lead someone to being attracted to a group of people, but I have a harder time seeing how choice could lead someone to not being attracted to a group of people who they had been attracted to. (Not that I don't think it's possible, just that I have a harder time seeing it from the vantage point of my own experience). If you're attracted to multiple genders, though, it's not hard to choose which attractions you act on.

As for heterosexuality being a boring choice? Boring doesn't seem like the right word. Monosexuality in general seems so limited to me. When you see the world in binary genders, everyone is a man or a woman in your eyes even if they aren't in their own. And that means that monosexuals still have a lot of options. I see so many genders these days, and now that my perception has expanded I could never turn that off. The idea of only being attracted to one gender, regardless of which, while living in a world that has dozens? That's not just boring, it's lonely.
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