Ander (lala_annie) wrote in queerchoice,

What Do You Mean By "Queer"?

Is there inconsistency with how this community uses the word 'queer'? It seems some people use it to mean they chose to be gay, some bisexual, some pansexual. There's definitely a connection with sexual and romantic preference.


I think of "queer" as an umbrella term, including trangender identities. Transgender, also being an umbrella term, includes those who have not-the-norm gender identities and gender expressions.

Using this definition, if you chose to be queer, wouldn't that mean you chose to have a gender identity and/or expression different from the one expected of you by society?

Or does choosing to be queer mean you chose at least one aspect - sexual preference, gender identity, or gender expression.

If you feel you chose your sexual orientation, to what extent do you feel you chose your gender identity? your gender expression?

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