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queerchoice's Journal

The Queer by Choice Community
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Queerness can be a choice! For us, it was.
This is a community for people who are proud to say we've chosen to be queer, or who are interested in reclaiming the idea of choice as one valid possible method of developing queerness. If you like it, please consider joining the QueerByChoice Mailing List (which even has a "web only/no mail" option in case you prefer to use it as a bulletin board). You can also read some excerpts of past conversations that have taken place on the list on the QueerByChoice Mailing List Member Profiles page.

Posts in this community must be relevant in some way to the idea of specifically choosing to be queer. There are many other general interest queer communities available on LiveJournal in which you can post about general queer topics not related to choice.

You are not required to consider yourself "queer by choice" to participate in this community, but you are also not welcome to use this community as a place to insult, ridicule, or attempt to convert queer by choice people to any other point of view. To behave this way in a queer by choice community is just as rude as it would be for a hetero to join a queer community for the sole purpose of viciously attacking queerness and trying to convert queers to heterosexuality. This community is a place—perhaps the only place that many of us have—where we are allowed to discuss our experiences of choosing to be queer with others who understand us, without having to be interrupted by rude people trying to tell us we can't possibly have experienced what we know that we did experience. If you do not identify as "queer by choice" and you still want to participate in our community, you're welcome to—but only if you make very sure you enter it as an anthropologist seeking to understand, not as a missionary seeking to convert.

This community is moderated by Gayle Madwin, who is also the owner of QueerByChoice.com and the QueerByChoice Mailing List.
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